thebe is composed of several packages setup within a monorepo enabling easy builds of all modules while making local changes across them. thebe uses npm as package manager and turborepo for builds and is written in typescript.

The main thebe packages are located in packages/ and are:

  • thebe-core - object based API for connecting to and executing against juptyer servers
  • thebe-lite - a side-loaded extension to thebe-core enabling use of a JupyterLiteServer
  • thebe - top-level library for use directly in html pages

Additional packages in apps/ are:

  • demo-core - a plain html/js using the thebe-core API
  • simple - simplest possible html/js demo of using thebe
  • docs - the thebe documentation build


Install node@16 and npm@8 or above

Building Thebe

The following commands should be issued from the repository root.

    npm install
    npm run build

This will install dependencies and run a turborepo build, building all packages.

To build the demos, run:

    npm run demo

Then start a demo using one of:

  • npm run start:simple
  • npm run start:core