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A typescript library for web based interactive computing with Jupyter backends.

When to use thebe-core

If you are looking to make code on your website interavctive and executable quickly and easily you probably should be using thebe.

Consider using thebe-core if:

  • You are adding jupyter based computation into a typescript application
  • You want Jupyter outputs on your webpage but you don't want to show all the code
  • You want thebe-like behaviour, but want to ontrol the UI yourself
  • You want more control over the servers and sessions you're connecting to


thebe is a javascript library enabling it's users to turn html tags on a webpage containing code into a executable cells that can be run interactively after establishing a connection with a Jupyter server.

thebe was originally written with jquery and aimed primarily at use in static webpages or websites using a minimal amount of javascript. thebe is part of the Executable Books project, and can be used in Jupyter Books via the sphinx-thebe plugin.


Prior to the thebe-core refactor, thebe was a small but powerful library for connecting any front end to a jupyter compute service.

However, it was jquery centric and focussed on making a web page containing static code elements "live" in an opinionated way -- with little scope for configuration or interaction with the resources once initialized and error handling.

The purpose of thebe-core is to isolate and expand the core functionality in thebe so that it could be used in different ways in a wider range of web contexts, from simple html pages through to web applications using frameworks like React or Next.js, whilst still being used internally in thebe providing a like-for-like behaviour there.

Refactoring the thebe like this, allows interesting enhancements to be made including connecting to a juptyerlite kernel and providing a simplified runtime interfave for interacting with Jupyter servers and sessions.


The repository is contins a monorepo for building the following packages:

  • thebe-core headless typescript connectivity to Jupyter backends
  • thebe typescript version of the original thebe library, making webpages with code interactive
  • thebe-lite a drop in component that provides the Jupyterlite server and pyolite kernel

See architecture for more details on building these packages locally.