• thebe-core provides a set of runtime object that re-use and wrap certain components and services provided by juptyerlab. The aim is to provide a simplified interface, abstracting away from Jupyter (lab) & lumino internals and types, that can be used in a web application to connect to juptyer services, interact with them and track state.
  • thebe-lite provides the means to start a JupyterLiteServer and bundles all Jupyterlite dependencies in isolation
  • thebe uses thebe-core with codemirror to turn code blocks on a how web page into interactive cells and allow them to be executed.

#Runtime Objects

The main objects provided are shown below in their default configuration.

thebe core runtime objects

In each object only some key members / properties are shown, the role of these and their scope is explained below:

  • A Config object holds the set of current options alongside a ThebeEvents instance. A configuration culd be provided per application or per page.
    • ThebeEvents is an object that provided jquery-like events interface trigger, on, one, off, all objects that receive the `configc instance will use the same events object.
  • A ThebeServer holds the SessionManager (ServiceManager in the case of JupyterLite)
    • it provides member function to establish a connecton
    • it provides functions to start a new or connect to an existing session/kernel
  • A ThebeSession holds a kernel connection and is used to interact with the kernel
    • The session also creates an instance of a WidgetManager that is shared between all RendermimeRegistryies in notebooks or cells that attach to it
  • A ThebeNotebook holds a list of cells and provides funcitons to load source code into cells and execute them
    • A notebook holds a RendermimeRegistry that is shared with aii it's cells
  • A ThebeCell holds source code and can be executed in a session.
    • ThebeCell inherits from PassiveThebeCell which is only concerned with attaching to the DOM and rendering an OutputArea
    • If created independently of a ThebeNotebook it will hold it's own instance of a RendermimeRegistry